Join the 'Alif community for an exciting exploration of Islamic theology.
This nine-week reading group facilitated by Yusuf Asghar will give an opportunity to read and discuss the Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology, edited by Tim Winter (Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad).
About the text
This series of critical reflections on the evolution and major themes of pre-modern Muslim theology begins with the revelation of the Koran, and extends to the beginnings of modernity in the eighteenth century. The significance of Islamic theology reflects the immense importance of Islam in the history of monotheism, to which it has brought a unique approach and style, and a range of solutions which are of abiding interest. Devoting especial attention to questions of rationality, scriptural fidelity, and the construction of 'orthodoxy', this volume introduces key Muslim theories of revelation, creation, ethics, scriptural interpretation, law, mysticism, and eschatology. Throughout the treatment is firmly set in the historical, social and political context in which Islam's distinctive understanding of God evolved. Despite its importance, Islamic theology has been neglected in recent scholarship, and this book provides a unique, scholarly but accessible introduction."
If you are interested in participating, please contact Jared Morningstar at to confirm your registration. Note, limited spots are available. As such, please only register for this reading group if you can commit to the nine-week duration and plan to attend the majority of the sessions to the best of your ability. If you would like assistance locating a copy of the text, don't hesitate to reach out as well. Recordings of discussions will be available privately for participants in the case that they wish to review the material at a later date or were unable to attend a session.
Session 1, February 5th
        Introduction & Qur’an and hadith
Session 2, February 12th
        The early creed & Islamic philosophy (falsafa)
Session 3, February 19th
        The developed kalām tradition & The social construction of orthodoxy
Session 4, February 26th
        God: essence and attributes & Creation
Session 5, March 5th
        Ethics & Revelation
Session 6, March 12th
        The existence of God & Worship
Session 7, March 19th
        Theological dimensions of Islamic law
Session 8, March 26th
        Theology & Sufism
Session 9, April 2nd
        Epistemology and divine discourse & Eschatology
Zoom Info
        Meeting ID: 865 3647 5932

Suggested Donation
Facilitating this type of learning experience requires a lot of time and energy, and as such, compensating those who make it possible is strongly recommended. We encourage a donation of $30 USD to this end, but this is not a precondition for participation and we wish to ensure this opportunity is accessible regardless of financial circumstances.